Amma would make a similar gravy time and again, but I love to go adventurous with my foods while you all know.. So I'll Check out all types of gravies.Idiyappam or string hoppers, as I have already told you is a daily dish on my breakfast desk. Back again house it is frequently served with potato stew or blended vegetable stew. My MIL also helps ma… Read More

tomato kurma as being the identify suggests, can make utilization of tomato as the leading component. You can make this amazing thakkali kurma after you don’t have veggies at your house, but want to make a little something Unique.This genuinely sounds an easy and speedy recipe to delight in with idly, dosa. You realize certainly one of my Close f… Read More

Amma can make the identical gravy again and again, but I like to go adventurous with my foods as you all know.. So I'll Check out all sorts of gravies.I cannot say ample with regard to the cuisine of Kerala, God’s very own nation. I Unquestionably relish the normal food items recipes of Kerala especially their breakfast fare like Idiyappam, Puttu… Read More

I am presently away, may possibly have a bit although to reply to your query, but will positive do After i uncover time.It really is also known as Mappillai sodhi. I bought this recipe from an acquaintance and geared up it and clicked it while back but uncovered time and energy to put up it only now. It is a great combo with idiyappam and appam als… Read More

You could skip any in the veggies If you don't have it. But try to use the carrots, potatoes and peas.Maasi chambal is a fairly easy to arrange no cook no bake side-dish. This recipe is sort of comparable to chutney kinds, you could simply just mix all the elements with each other and serve it together with rice, appams, idiyappams, dosa and in som… Read More